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This year I have honour of being invited to present at the Embedded Systems Conference in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. Based on previous visits these classes are very well attended and always generate a lot of post-class discussions.

This year I’ve extended my previous 1/2 day class to a full day titled “Programming in C for the ARM Cortex-M Microcontroller”. Having a full day allows me to delve in too much greater detail. The class is broken down in to four subsections:

  • Cortex-M Architecture
  • C Programming and the Cortex-M
  • CMSIS (including CMSIS-RTOS)
  • Debug (including CoreSight)

An overview is covered here.

The other class is one I have presented at ESC in the US before but not in India; Understanding Mutual Exclusion: The Semaphores vs. the Mutex. This presentation is based around much of the material in some of my previous postings (see RTOS related blog postings ). I still find this class really interesting. In general, whenever you bring up the mutex/semaphore discussion most people jump to a per-conceived idea that they know the differences; by the end of this class most understand that their mental model was incorrect.

If anyone is attending then please come and say hello.

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