Acorn Goes to Market with RISC Microprocessor

No I’ve not lost the plot, this was actually the headline from Electronics back in August 1985!

Recently my father was clearing out his loft at home and came across a couple of bagfuls of “rubbish” (garbage) which was full of various memorabilia from my degree days.  Among the various artefacts, to my great surprise, I came across a photocopy  of this article.

For those of you, like me, who were involved in electronics at that time, it’s a real trip down memory lane. Some of the notable snippets are:

Acorn’s ARM chip (for Acorn RISC machine)…

The ARM chip packs 25,000 transistors onto a small 50-mm² chip

The chip is about twice as fast as a VAX-11/780

Limited samples of the board [containing the ARM] are available for about $2000

For all those feeling nostalgic I have attached the original article for your enjoyment.

Page 1: Arm p1

Page 2: Arm p2

However, I’m guessing there is a whole swath of you who weren’t even born; they were the days and you don’t know how lucky you are, etc. (and all the other things old people say…)

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