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Weak linkage in C programming

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Co-Founder and Director of Feabhas since 1995.
Niall has been designing and programming embedded systems for over 30 years. He has worked in different sectors, including aerospace, telecomms, government and banking.
His current interest lie in IoT Security and Agile for Embedded Systems.
Niall Cooling

When linking C programs there are (in general) only a couple of errors you’re likely to see. If, for example, you have two functions in different files, both with external linkage, then the files will compile okay, but when you link you’ll likely see an error along these lines:

weak_linkage.axf: Error: L6200E: Symbol foo multiply defined (by foo.o and foo2.o).
Target not created

Most of the time this makes sense and is as expected; however there is a particular instance where it gets in the […]

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Sailing the Seven C’s of design*

Technical Consultant at Feabhas Ltd
Glennan is an embedded systems and software engineer with over 20 years experience, mostly in high-integrity systems for the defence and aerospace industry.

He specialises in C++, UML, software modelling, Systems Engineering and process development.
Glennan Carnie

I’m always looking for nice little mnemonics to help out remember the important concepts in design.  Here’s one for model-driven development I call the “Seven C’s”.  It basically enumerates the seven stages a design goes through, from initial idea to code.

CONCEPT The Concept phase is about understanding the problem.  In other words: requirements analysis.  When you’re in Concept mode your main focus is on validation – am I solving the right problem for my […]

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