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Working with Strings in Embedded C++

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Niall has been designing and programming embedded systems for over 30 years. He has worked in different sectors, including aerospace, telecomms, government and banking.
His current interest lie in IoT Security and Agile for Embedded Systems.
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In this post, by Embedded I’m generally referring to deeply embedded/bare-metal systems as opposed to Linux-based embedded systems.

Embedded systems and strings

Historically, the need for and thus the use of strings in embedded systems was fairly limited. However, this has changed with the advent of cheaper, full graphic displays and the growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Many embedded systems sport full-colour graphics displays, supported by embedded-specific graphics libraries, including:

free open-source – e.g. LVGL
vendor-specific – e.g. TouchGFX from STMicroelectronics
fully specialised graphics […]

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