About this blog

This Blog was created by world-class provider of embedded systems training and consultancy, Feabhas founder Niall Cooling. His aim was to cover, in a no-nonsense manner, aspects centered on Real-Time and Embedded Systems (RTES) Software.

Today, it is read by thousands of people, many of whom use it as a valuable reference source and to improve their understanding of particular embedded software aspects. Some key areas of experience and/or interest include:

  • Programming – mainly C and C++
  • Design – “Real-Time” UML
  • Platforms – Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Embedded Linux

Orthogonal to this is looking at Competency and Training relating to RTESs, significantly:

  • How well do we prepare graduates for developing software for RTESs?
  • Can e-learning replace Instructor-led-training (ILT)?
  • Can we define a set of skills and knowledge that characterise competency for RTES development?
  • Is Software Engineering Engineering?

Finally in Niall’s own words: “I will likely splatter my postings with random thoughts and observations derived from my love of gadgets (king among them is my iPhone), being a geek-Dad (seeing what kids are learning at school) and involvement in the wider embedded systems community.”

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