About this blog

This Blog was created by world-class provider of embedded systems training and consultancy, Feabhas founder Niall Cooling. His aim was to cover, in a no-nonsense manner, aspects centered on Real-Time and Embedded Systems (RTES) Software.

Today, it is read by thousands of people, many of whom use it as a valuable reference source and to improve their understanding of particular embedded software aspects. Some key areas of experience and/or interest include:

  • Programming – mainly C and C++
  • Design – “Real-Time” UML
  • Platforms – Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Embedded Linux

Orthogonal to this is looking at Competency and Training relating to RTESs, significantly:

  • How well do we prepare graduates for developing software for RTESs?
  • Can e-learning replace Instructor-led-training (ILT)?
  • Can we define a set of skills and knowledge that characterise competency for RTES development?
  • Is Software Engineering Engineering?

Finally in Niall’s own words: “I will likely splatter my postings with random thoughts and observations derived from my love of gadgets (king among them is my iPhone), being a geek-Dad (seeing what kids are learning at school) and involvement in the wider embedded systems community.”

Niall Cooling

Director at Feabhas Limited
Co-Founder and Director of Feabhas since 1995.
Niall has been designing and programming embedded systems for over 30 years. He has worked in different sectors, including aerospace, telecomms, government and banking.
His current interest lie in IoT Security and Agile for Embedded Systems.
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