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Task Synchronisation – Part 2: Multiple Tasks and RTOS APIs

First off, apologies for the delay in this follow up to the previous post Task Synchronisation, it has been a mad couple off weeks with a combination of vacation and work.

In the previous post I looked at the foundation of task synchronization demonstrating there are a range of synchronisation models (bilateral/unilateral, persistent/non-persistent, etc.). In this post I shall look at multi-task synchronisation and then investigate specific RTOS APIs.

So far we have only dealt with the simple case of […]

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Task Synchronisation

Synchronisation is an everyday event, both in the real-world and the computer program. For example meeting a friend for a coffee requires synchronisation, in that both parties need to arrive within a given timeframe to make the event worthwhile (sometimes referred to as a rendezvous – however this tends to have more romantic implications). Alternatively, receiving a PO via fax is a form of synchronisation. The company waiting on the PO will-not/cannot start working on the project until this event […]

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