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Using final in C++ to improve performance

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His current interest lie in IoT Security and Agile for Embedded Systems.
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Dynamic polymorphism (virtual functions) is central to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Used well, it provides hooks into an existing codebase where new functionality and behaviour can (relatively) easily be integrated into a proven, tested codebase.

Subtype inheritance can bring significant benefits, including easier integration, reduced regression test time and improved maintenance.

However, using virtual functions in C++ brings a runtime performance overhead. This overhead may appear inconsequential for individual calls, but in a non-trivial real-time embedded application, these overheads may build up and […]

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Bitesize Modern C++ : Override and Final

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Glennan is an embedded systems and software engineer with over 20 years experience, mostly in high-integrity systems for the defence and aerospace industry.

He specialises in C++, UML, software modelling, Systems Engineering and process development.
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Override specifier

In C++98 using polymorphic types can sometimes lead to head-scratching results:

On the face of it this code looks sound; indeed it will compile with no errors or warnings. However, when it runs the Base version of op() will be executed!

The reason? Derived’s version of op() is not actually an override of Base::op since int and long are considered different types (it’s actually a conversion between an int and a long, not a promotion)

The compiler is more than happy to […]

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