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Contract killing (in Modern C++)

Technical Consultant at Feabhas Ltd
Glennan is an embedded systems and software engineer with over 20 years experience, mostly in high-integrity systems for the defence and aerospace industry.

He specialises in C++, UML, software modelling, Systems Engineering and process development.
Glennan Carnie

If you work in high-integrity or safety-critical software then you have a duty-of-care to:

Ensure your code does what it should
Ensure your code doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to.

Moreover, you’re typically required to both demonstrate and document how you’ve achieved this duty-of-care. Typical mechanisms for demonstrating compliance include unit testing and static analysis; documentation usually includes function specifications and test results. The amount of testing, static analysis and documentation you (have to) do depends on the integrity level of your […]

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